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Table 1 Demographic data

From: Spontaneous pneumothorax associated with primary lung cancer: a retrospective study

No.SexAgeInitial Dx.StageSmokingOn therapyPnx during course of treatmentPnx as primary presentationSurgeryType of surgery
Group I
Group II
Group III
 20F56Rec.SPnxN/AYNNYYBullectomy and lobectomy
 21M49Rec. SPnxN/AYNNYYBullectomy and lobectomy
 22M48Rec.SPnxN/AYNNYYBullectomy and lobectomy
Group IV
 23F56Rec. SPnxN/AYNNYYBullectomy and lobectomy
  1. M male, F female, Initial Dx. initial diagnosis, LSCC lung squamous cell carcinoma, LAC lung adenocarcinoma, Rec. SPnx recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax, Y yes, N no