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Table 1 Patients’ demographics and characteristics

From: Modified selective aortic root reconstruction with valve repair for treatment of Stanford A aortic dissection

 Selective root + repair
n = 27
Age (years)48.15 ± 10.92
Sex (male)2385.1%
NYHA I-II1140.7%
NYHA III-IV1659.3%
• HTN1970.4%
• DM27.4%
• CAD13.7%
• COPD414.8%
• CT disease00%
• Cerebral malperfusion00%
• Renal impairment (Cr > 1.7 mg/dl)13.7%
• Malperfusion of another organ27.4%
Aortic dissection
• Acute2177.8%
• Chronic622.2%
  1. Values are shown as numbers, percentages, mean ± SD. NYHA New York Heart Association class, HTN hypertension, DM diabetes mellitus, CAD coronary artery disease, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, CT connective tissue, Cr creatinine, mg/dl milligram(s) per deciliter