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Table 3 Operative details

From: Modified selective aortic root reconstruction with valve repair for treatment of Stanford A aortic dissection

 Selective root + repair
n = 27
ACX time (min)124.4 ± 22.2
Bypass time (min)194 ± 53
Arterial cannulation  
• Innominate artery311.1%
• Femoral artery2488.9%
Lowest temperature, °C23.74 ± 3.87
Circulatory arrest311.1%
Circulatory arrest time (min)26 ± 12.16
Cerebral perfusion during circulatory arrest  
• Antegrade3100%
• Retrograde00%
Concomitant procedures4
• CABG (SVG to RCA)2
• CABG (SVG to LAD)1
• MVR1
Aortic valve repair (leaflet other than SCA and resuspension)2592.6%
  1. Values are shown as numbers, percentages, mean ± SD. ACX aortic cross-clamp, min minutes, CABG coronary artery bypass grafting, SVG saphenous vein graft, RCA right coronary artery, LAD left anterior descending coronary artery, MVR mitral valve replacement, SCA subcommissural annuloplasty