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Table 1. Radiological description of free-flowing pleural effusions as proposed by Smargiassi A. et al. [7]

From: Chemical pleurodesis for malignant pleural effusion: which agent is perfect?

GradingDescriptionLandmarksIntercostal spaces
Grade 1
Limited to the costophrenic sinusDiaphragmatic dome partially evidentLimited to costophrenic sinus
Grade 2
Lower lung lobe partially involvedDiaphragmatic dome completely evident1 intercostal space
Grade 3
Small to medium
Lower lung lobe partially collapsedLower lung lobe partially atelectatic, pulmonary hilum not visible2–3 intercostal spaces
Grade 4
Lower lung lobe completely collapsedAtelectasis of the lower lung lobe, pulmonary hilum visible.3–4 intercostal spaces
Grade 5
Upper lung lobe partially collapsedAtelectasis of the lower lobe, upper lung lobe partially atelectatic4 intercostal spaces or more
Grade 6
Lung fully collapsedAtelectasis of the whole lung, Hilum completely visible