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Table 3 Pathological diagnoses of the studied patients

From: Primary cardiac tumors: a spectrum of pathologies and scenarios

Pathologyn (%)
Right atrial myxoma5 (6.1)
Left atrial myxoma65 (79.27)
Biatrial myxoma2 (2.44)
RVOT myxoma1 (1.22)
Myxosarcoma1 (1.22)
Thymoma1 (1.22)
Hemangioendothelioma1 (1.22)
Round cell tumor1 (1.22)
Cardiac lymphoma1 (1.22)
Rhabdomyoma2 (2.44)
Tumor extension from RCC2 (2.44)
  1. RVOT right ventricular outflow tract, RCC renal cell carcinoma. (Categorical data as number and percent)