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Table 5 Criteria raising suspicion of major tracheobronchial injury

From: Urgent surgical repair is pivotal in the management of major airway injury due to blunt trauma

A. Criteria in the early presentation or during conservative treatment
 History Severe chest trauma especially to the upper part, neck trauma
 Symptoms Severe dyspnea, voice change
 Signs Progressive surgical emphysema, cyanosis, shock
 X-ray Mediastinal emphysema, fallen lung
 CT findings Endotracheal cuff herniation, tracheal wall discontinuity, bronchus discontinuity, displacement of the ETT, overdistension of the endotracheal cuff
 After ICT Massive air leakage with the failure of lung re-expansion
B. Criteria in late presentation
 History of severe chest trauma with continuing dyspnea, recurrent chest infection, lung consolidation or collapse