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Table 1 Items of the thorax trauma severity score (TTSS) [8]

From: Evaluation of the predictive value of thorax trauma severity score (TTSS) in thoracic-traumatized patients

GradePaO2/FiO2Rib fracturesLung contusionPleuraAgePoints
0> 4000NoNo< 300
I300–4001–3Unilobar unilateralPneumothorax30–411
II200–3003–6 (will use 4 to 6) unilateralUnilobar bilateral or bilobar unilateralHemothorax or hemo/pneumothorax unilateral42–542
III150–200> 3 bilateralBilateral < 2 lobesHemothorax or hemo/pneumothorax bilateral55–703
IV< 150Flail chestBilateral ≥ 2 lobesTension pneumothorax> 705
  1. Notes: (a) For calculation of the total score, all categories are summed. (b) A minimum value is of 0 points and a maximum value is of 25 points