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Table 1 Summary of review of inferior phrenic artery injury reported from the literature

From: Right inferior phrenic artery injury as a complication of needle aspiration: a case report

Authors N year Type of trauma Patient Clinical presentation Diaphragmatic injury Treatment Embolic material used
Blaise et al. 1 1993 Motorcar accident 21 years M Pericardial tamponade None TAE PVA
Padhani et al. 1 1996 Needle biopsy 16 years M Haemoperitoneum None Laparotomy  
Mizobata et al. 2 1999 Motorcar accident + bicycle crash 60 years F + 15 years M Intraperitoneal hemorrhage and Subcapsular hematoma None TAE NS
Lee et al 1 2006 Motorcycle crash 29 M Intraperitoneal hemorrhage Grade V Laparotomy  
Ogawa et al. 1 3013 Fell down from a stepladder 61 years M Hemothorax None TAE and thoracotomy Coil embolization
Aoki et al. 1 2015 Motorcar accident 81 years F Hemothorax None TAE NBCA
El Adel et al. (present) 1 Present Iatrogenic (chest aspiration) 21 years F Hemothorax and intraperitoneal hemorrhage None TAE PVA + NBCA-lipiodol mixture (50%)
  1. M male, F female, N number of patients, TAE transcatheter arterial embolization, NS not shown, NBCA N-butyl cyanoacrylate, PVA polyvinyl alcohol.