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Table 3 Minimum values of hemoglobin concentration and hemodynamic data within 72 h after surgery

From: Risk factors for spinal cord ischemia in frozen elephant trunk–induced upper spinal cord ischemia in patients with combination of degenerative arch aneurysms and peripheral artery diseases: a possible mechanism

Variables SCI
Patient A, B
Postoperative minimum values (< 72 h)
 Hemoglobin concentration (mg/dl) 7.3, 8.6 8.70±1.26 [6.2-11.2]
 Mixed venous oxygen saturation (%) 46, 50 52.6±13.1 [21-75]
 Cardiac index (L/min/m2) 1.5, 1.7 1.91±0.32 [1.3-2.5]
 Partial pressure of arterial oxygen (torr) 76, 55 68.9±17.4 [55-98]
 Mean blood pressure (mmHg) 49, 51 58.7±6.9 [48-75]
  1. The postoperative data were similar in the two groups
  2. Continuous data were presented as mean and standard deviation and categorical variables as numbers and percentages. The actual data for the two patients with spinal cord ischemia were presented
  3. SCI spinal cord ischemia