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  1. The postoperative phase of cardiac surgery in pediatric patients with congenital heart disease often involves the management of pulmonary hypertension, which can significantly affect recovery and long-term pro...

    Authors: Ergin Arslanoğlu, Shiraslan Bakhshaliyev, Kenan Abdurrahman Kara, Fatih Yiğit, Mehmet Ali Yeşiltaş, Shabnam Huseynzade, Zeynep Gülben Kük Özalp and Ali Rıza Karaci
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2024 32:7
  2. Patients who underwent thoracic surgery procedures were usually subjected to daily chest X-rays until discharge, exposing patients to ionizing radiation and requiring patient movement with chest drains, diffic...

    Authors: Ali Zein Elabdein, Ramy Abdelrheim Hassan, Mahmoud Khairy Elhaish and Hussein Elkhayat
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2024 32:6
  3. Diaphragmatic paralysis due to phrenic nerve injury is a rare but potentially serious complication following congenital cardiac surgery, with reported incidences ranging from 0.28 to 5.6%. Early plication has ...

    Authors: Ergin Arslanoğlu, Shiraslan Bakhshaliyev, Kenan Abdurrahman Kara, Fatih Yiğit, Mehmet Ali Yeşiltaş, Kaan Altunyuva, Zeynep Gülben Kük Özalp and Ali Rıza Karaci
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2024 32:5
  4. Native pulmonary valve (PV) infective endocarditis (IE) is a rare condition with an incidence of 1.5–2%. Although medical therapy is the mainstay of treatment, surgical intervention is still indicated in cases...

    Authors: Hossameldin Hussein, Ahmed Youssef, Ahmed Mahgoub, Noha Gamal, Amr Farrag and Soha Romeih
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2024 32:4
  5. This case report elucidates the exceptional rarity and intricacies surrounding mycotic pseudoaneurysms in the ascending aorta, specifically post-pediatric cardiac surgery.

    Authors: Anand Shankar Soundararajan, Aishwarya Pandiyan, Ezhilnambi Sundaramoorthy, Kathirvel Balasubramani, H. R. Haroon Shakir and G. K. Jaikaran
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2024 32:3
  6. Veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (VA-ECMO) can be initiated during cardiac surgery or later in ICU according to the hemodynamic profile and organ perfusion. Our aim was to study the appropriat...

    Authors: Mohamed Laimoud, Emad Hakami, Patricia Machado, Michelle Gretchen Lo and Mary Jane Maghirang
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2024 32:2
  7. The science of dissemination and implementation (D&I) aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of care by addressing the challenges of incorporating research and evidence-based practice into routine clini...

    Authors: Kyle S. Bilodeau, David C. Mauchley, Scott DeRoo and Christopher R. Burke
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:28
  8. Same-day cancellation of cardiac surgery significantly impacts operating room management efficiency, which can be mitigated by taking preventive measures. This study aimed to explore the same-day cancellation ...

    Authors: Mohammed A. Alanazi and Sherran Milton
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:27
  9. Surgery for congenital heart disease has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, but the right ventricular outflow tract continues to pose a challenge to the congenital heart surgeon.

    Authors: Yasmin Abdelrazek Ali, Alaa Roushdy, Mohammed Abdullah Hegab and Amr Mansour Mohammed
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:23
  10. Diabetic patients are at an increased risk of cardiovascular morbidities. We aimed to examine if elevated pre-operative glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels are associated with higher likelihood of experienc...

    Authors: Brett Cooke, Lamario Williams, T. Kurt Delay, Rongbing Xie, Katherine Cornelius, James E. Davies and Panos N. Vardas
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:22
  11. The declining interest in pursuing MCh Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery (CTVS) programs presents a significant concern within the medical community. This letter addresses the multifaceted factors contributi...

    Authors: Anand Shankar Soundararajan
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:21
  12. Risk scores are very crucial for modern surgical practice. In thoracic surgery, it is important to know when a patient might need postoperative intensive care or an early second look for bleeding before it is ...

    Authors: Hussein Elkhayat
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:20
  13. Postoperative AF (PoAF) is a common complication of the early postoperative period of noncardiac, thoracic surgery and is associated with prolonged hospital stay. In order to investigate the predictors of PoAF...

    Authors: Valentina Scheggi, Silvia Menale, Rossella Marcucci, Anna Dematté, Jacopo Giovacchini, Noemi Cenni, Giorgio Vitale, Bruno Alterini, Alberto Salvicchi, Matteo Tamburini, Salvatore Musmeci, Stefano Bongiolatti, Luca Voltolini and Niccolò Marchionni
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:18
  14. Isolated congenital ostial stenosis of the left coronary artery (LCA) is extremely rare, and available literature is limited. Long-term treatment success is key in the choice of treatment strategy due to the m...

    Authors: Johanna M. Buck, René Schramm, André Renner, Jan F. Gummert and Sabina P. W. Guenther
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:17
  15. EuroSCORE stratifies surgical risk in cardiac surgery; however, it is not explicitly for tricuspid valve surgery. Therefore, we aimed to apply machine learning (ML) methods to predict operative mortality after...

    Authors: Amr A. Arafat, Sultan Alamro, Maha M. AlRasheed, Adam I. Adam, Huda Ismail, Claudio Pragliola and Monirah A. Albabtain
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:16
  16. Giant thoracic tumour (GTT) does not have a clear definition, but, as per usual terminology, they are thoracic masses whose long axis is > 10 cm or covering more than 50% of the hemithorax. The mediastinum is ...

    Authors: Anshuman Darbari, Bhaskar Dutt, Ajay Kumar, Aakansha Giri Goswami and Abisho R. Starlet
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:15
  17. Myocardial protection is still a focus of ongoing research. Propofol is used widely during the induction of anaesthesia in cardiac surgery. So, this triggers us to investigate the cardioprotective effect of th...

    Authors: Amr Atef Attia, Mohammad Abd Elmoneim Torky, Mohamed Mahmoud Abo Elnasr, Ehab Abd Elmonem Wahby and Abd Elhady Mohammed Taha
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:14
  18. Bleeding due to lung resection increases the risk of cardiopulmonary complications and hospital stay. Surgical massive bleeding is associated with a high rate of mortality. In this study, our aim is to determi...

    Authors: Yücel Özgür and Mustafa Vedat Doğru
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:13
  19. There is a direct relationship between the degree of trainees’ satisfaction and their productivity. The Saudi Board of Cardiac Surgery is a new training program established by the Saudi Commission for Health S...

    Authors: Osama Abdullah Abdulrahman, Rahaf Ghassan Baaqeel, Reem Faisal Bahakeem, Naif Fahad Alotaibi, Asayil Yousef Almarjan, Marah Meshal Alsulami, Mohammad Fawzi Babgi and Elnazeer Osman Ahmed
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:12
  20. Retained hemothorax is a serious problem that can lead to empyema or fibro-thorax. Evacuation of the retained hemothorax is commonly performed via open thoracotomy. This randomized study was conducted to repre...

    Authors: Abd Elrahman Mohammed Khalaf, Ahmed Emadeldeen Ghoneim, Alaa Basiouni Mahmoud and Amr Abdelmonem Abdelwahab
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:11
  21. In many countries, surgical closure of ventricular septal defects remains the recommended approach of ventricular septal defect closure. The aim of this study is to compare the safety, efficacy, and clinical e...

    Authors: Hamdy Singab, Mohamed Khairat Elshahat, Ahmed Samy Taha, Yasmin Abdelrazek Ali, Ahmed Meawad El-Emam and Mohamed Ahmed Gamal
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:8
  22. Spontaneous pneumothorax is thoracic condition, with annual incidence of 7 to 9 cases per 100,000 people. Most of thoracic surgeons prefer minimally invasive method that uses staplers to resect bullous parench...

    Authors: Mohamed Osman Omar Hassan, Linyou Zhang, Mahmoud Khairy El-Haish, Mohsen Saber Mohamed Ahmed and Hussein Elkhayat
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:7
  23. The present multicenter retrospective study included 7148 patients who underwent carotid endarterectomy (CEA) between 2010 and 2021. Based on the results of angiography (AG)/multislice computed tomography (MSC...

    Authors: Anton N. Kazantsev, Alexander V. Korotkikh, Roman Yu. Lider, Oleg V. Lebedev, Alexey A. Sirotkin, Petr D. Palagin, Otabek Sh. Mukhtorov, Dmitriy V. Shmatov, Artyukhov Sergey, Elizaveta G. Kazantseva, Goderzi Sh. Bagdavadze, Shuowen Wang, Ludmila V. Roshkovskaya, Mikhail A. Khetagurov, Vladimir M. Unguryan, Maxim P. Chernyavin…
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:6
  24. Reinterventions after tetralogy of Fallot repair (TOF) remains a common clinical problem. The objective of this study was to evaluate types of reintervention after TOF repair and identify the risk factors for ...

    Authors: Mohamed H. Mashali, Aly A. Yousef, Ahmed F. Elmahrouk, Wejdan Ba-Atiyah, Mohammed A. Rasol, Mohamad A. Arafa, Mohammad S. Shihata, Ahmed A. Jamjoom and Tamer E. Hamouda
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:5
  25. The debate about the optimal approach for aortic valve replacement continues. We compared the hospital and long-term outcomes (survival, aortic valve reintervention, heart failure readmissions, and stroke) bet...

    Authors: Abdulmalik A. Almedimigh, Monirah A. Albabtain, Latifa A. Alfayez, Faisal F. Alsubaie, Abdulrahman Almoghairi, Mohammad Alotaiby, Abdullah Alkhushail, Huda Ismail, Claudio Pragliola, Adam I. Adam and Amr A. Arafat
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2023 31:2
  26. Infection of leg wounds is a common complication following great saphenous vein harvesting (GSV) for coronary bypass grafting (CABG). This complication can result in increased risk of patient morbidity and mor...

    Authors: Ayman M. Shaalan, Eman E. El Wakeel, Khaled M. Shaalan and Abdulkareem Alhuthaifi
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:30
  27. A minimally invasive approach has become standard for mitral valve surgery. The periareolar approach has grown in popularity regarding the cosmesis for patients. We have adopted a new modification to the peria...

    Authors: Mohamed El Adel, Mohamed Alaa Nady, Anwar Amin and Mahmoud Khairy
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:29
  28. A paradoxical embolism arises when a venous thrombus passes through a cardiac right to left shunt and enters the arterial circulation. This can manifest as cardiovascular ischemia, cerebrovascular insults, inc...

    Authors: Jevaughn S Davis, Jessica Zvara and K. Gage Parr
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:28
  29. Little is known about the social life in adult patients after Fontan palliation. The study aimed to assess the long-term social life of patients after Fontan surgery, including school achievement, employment, ...

    Authors: Mohammed S. Alhabdan, Eman A. Alzayer, Murtadha H. Alawami and Fareed A. Khouqeer
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:26
  30. Traditionally, the pulmonary valve annulus (PVA) z-score is used to predict the requirement of transannular patch enlargement (TAPE) of right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) and main pulmonary artery (MPA) in re...

    Authors: Satyajit Samal, Rakesh Sharma, Harpreet Singh Minhas, Girish G, Saket Agarwal, Sayyed Ehtesham Hussain Naqvi and Muhammad Abid Geelani
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:25
  31. Postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF) occurs within 1 to 5 days after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), with a peak occurrence on the second day. This research aimed to assess the role of dose-low ami...

    Authors: Mohamed Ali Ahmed, Ahmed Emadeldeen Ghoneim, Amr Abdel Elmonem Abdel Wahab and Alaa Basiouni Mahmoud
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:24
  32. Pediatric cardiac surgery is in itself very enigmatic and individualized. Presently, there has been a slew of new developments aimed primarily toward pediatric cardiopulmonary bypass for safer, patient-centere...

    Authors: Yasir Saleem, Anshuman Darbari, Rahul Sharma, Amit Vashisth and Anish Gupta
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:23
  33. Mechanical circulatory support has garnered significant popularity as both a bridge to transplant as well as a destination therapy for patients with end-stage heart failure. Right heart failure (RHF) is a deva...

    Authors: Erik J. Orozco-Hernandez, T. Kurt DeLay Jr, Charles W. Hoopes, Enrique Gongora, Salpy Pamboukian, Rongbing Xie, James E. Davies and Panos N. Vardas
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:22
  34. The long saphenous vein is one of the most used conduits for coronary artery bypass graft surgery. The aim of this study was to assess the existing evidence regarding the effects of preoperative ultrasound map...

    Authors: Ara Shwan Media, Rathini Rajendran, Hans Henrik Kimose and Ali Imad El-Akkawi
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:21
  35. Pulmonary artery hypertension (PAH) is a progressive disease that result in right heart dysfunction. Lung transplantation (LTx) improve survival in end-stage disease. The aim of this study is to assess heart r...

    Authors: Hussain Alshimali, Antonio Coppolino III, Mohamed A. Keshk, John S. Young, Akinobu Itoh, Hilary J. Goldberg, Nirmal S. Sharma and Hari R. Mallidi
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:20
  36. Giant coronary artery aneurysms (GCAA) are a rare disease entity with an estimated incidence of 0.02%. Atherosclerosis is the most common underlying factor in adulthood. Management guidelines lack the support ...

    Authors: Vincent van Grinsven, Arizona Binst, Hans Rombouts, Rolf Symons and Herbert De Praetere
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:19
  37. Recently, most thoracic surgery units allocate patients post lung resection to high-dependency units (HDU) rather than the old trend of intensive care units (ITU). The aim of the study is to assess the safety ...

    Authors: Hany Hasan Elsayed, Mohamed Hussein Ahmed, Mohamed El Ghanam, Tamer Hikal, Mohammed Abdel-Gayed and Assem Adel Moharram
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:18
  38. In recent years, the Nuss procedure was gaining ground in pectus excavatum repair, but the scientific focus had been on complications compared to conventional repairs. Despite a substantial prevalence of pectu...

    Authors: Andreas Heydweiller and Christina Oetzmann von Sochaczewski
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:17
  39. Persistent left superior vena cava is a well-recognized thoracic venous abnormality, most of which do not present with any symptoms. Its opening into the left atrium is uncommonly encountered and, if present, ...

    Authors: Mohammed Wahaj Ali, Shaikh Mohammed Husain, Ramnath Iyer and Neelam Desai
    Citation: The Cardiothoracic Surgeon 2022 30:16

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